Nutrition Specialist

DR. Michael Müller

I am fascinated by the impact and influence of pharmacological substances on the body and mind.

About Michael

Michael holds a Master of Science in Molecular Health Science and a PhD in Neuroscience from the ETH Zurich. He specialises in the impact of nutrition and pharmacological substances on health and prevention of chronic diseases and is passionate about the ongoing research and new insights in the supplement industry.

During his Doctorate, Michael has investigated the clinical potential of new substances for treating psychological disorders, such as depression and anxiety.

In his role as Product Development Lead at the B·SYNC parent company, Galventa, Michael is responsible for developing new products based on the latest scientific data.

Michael is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and has been a biohacker for many years, following scientific insight that small, incremental changes to his diet and supplementation can enhance his overall health and performance. As a scientist, Michael is fascinated by the impact and influence of pharmacologically active substances on the body and mind.

“I have always dreamt of working within the supplement industry and I am enjoying applying the knowledge and insight gained from my Masters and PHD studies to creating new products at Galventa, and to being part of an exciting start-up initiative.”

Outside of work, Michael enjoys meeting his friends, going to the gym or just going for a walk in the park.


Potential therapeutic effects of an ayahuasca-inspired N,N-DMT and harmine formulation: a controlled trial in healthy subjects

Overcoming the clinical challenges of traditional ayahuasca: a first-in-human trial exploring novel routes of administration of N,N-Dimethyltryptamine and harmine

Neurodynamics of empathy and prosociality following serotonergic stimulation with an ayahuasca analogue containing N,N-dimethyltryptamine and harmine in a randomised controlled trial


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