Manufacturing and Formulation

Dr. Fırat Yerlikaya

I'm passionate about the development of formulations, manufacturing processes and new technologies.

About Firat

Dr Fırat Yerlikaya founded Elixir Pharmaceutical Research and Development Corporation in Ankara, Turkey where he has been working as the Managing Director and as an Executive Board Member since 2015.

He formed the company following the completion of his Master's and Doctorate Degrees in Pharmaceutical Technology and following his tenure in Washington DC, where he was invited to the US FDA as an ORISE fellow.

Fırat continues his scientific studies with the development of complex pharmaceutical formulations and processes using quality-by-design and chemometric models.

At B・SYNC ON parent company, Galventa, Fırat is responsible for supporting the development of formulations, manufacturing processes, scale-up and technology transfer studies, as well as providing analytical methodology and insights.

Outside of his academic studies and work, Fırat is a passionate sailor, and enjoys sailing in the seas where Galenos used to live. He also enjoys fine whisky and good food with his family and friends.

Fırat is a proud father of two young sons. He is also proud of his success in establishing Elixir, which is considered to be one of the most successful pharmaceutical development laboratories in Europe.


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